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Initial consultations for polygraph examinations are free.  You only pay for each person who is examined. As in everything else we do, our polygraph examinations are THOROUGH AND DISCRETE!

Dr. George N. Saxton, PH.D.

Dr. Saxton uses the Stoelting computerized polygraph with the latest software (published March, 2011).
                                  A.S. Degree - Law Enforcement, Vincennes University
B.S. Degree - Criminology, Purdue University
M.S. Degree - Political Science, Purdue University
PH.D. Degree - Environmental Forensics, Purdue University.

Dr. Saxton was a police detective specializing in crimes against juveniles.  A graduate from the Keeler Polygraph Institute, Dr. Saxton has administered polygraph examinations for all types of criminal and civil activities.  In addition, Dr. Saxton has worked for over twenty years as a pesticide investigator for the state of Indiana.

Dr. Saxton travels around the United States and Canada teaching interviewing and interrogation techniques as well as written statement analysis.

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